It was all so magical when I entered the house and found so many packages awaiting me. All the packages were from City Beach which I was sure that he availed his discounts in the form of City Beach promo codes which he was saving for his shoes and sports kit since long. I knew Mark will never forget my birthday and this was the reason I didn’t try to remind him. You can find more coupons at SuperSaverMama.

This day too started with the usual breakfast preps and after kissing me good bye he left before me. I cleaned the little mess which was there in the house and kitchen. After this I left for work myself. People at work decorated my room to surprise me and the celebration was part of the day was there at lunch. I was so happy to see how people remembered my birthday. Few of my friends gave me quite special gifts.

At some point of time in the day I got this fearful thought that may be Mark forgot my day and how will I react if this thing will be true…

He didn’t call me throughout the day which was again an alarming situation. With heavy steps at 5 I left for home. Before leaving for home everyone kept asking what were my plans for the evening but how could I say anything about this when my better half was not at all bothered. As I reached home and entered the house I saw the packages brought little relief to me.


With lots of excitement I opened the only package which said open me while I left the other things without opening them in the lounge. I product that parcel in the room and started opening it. There was this beautiful evening dress with matching jewelry and shoes along with a note. I opened the note which was from Mark, he after wishing me with beautiful words asked me to get ready and be at the restaurant near the beach at 7. I looked at the clock and it was half past five that meant I had very little time to look my best.

I took shower and dressed up in my husband’s choice outfit and accessories. Put on some make up and left for the venue at around quarter to seven. I knew ill reach there on time.

When I entered the restaurant I got quite suspicious as there was no one in there and it was all dark. I thought maybe I was at the wrong destination and was about to go back when all of a sudden I heard people singing me the birthday song. I turned to look at them and saw my family, my colleagues at work, friends and above all Mark. The surprise birthday was really a pleasant surprise for me.

I was so happy and everyone appraised my looks and apparel. I was glad mark choose the best dress for me for my big day and surprised me. This was the best birthday I celebrated throughout my life and just because of my dear husband and City Beach discount codes which never disappointed us. Availing everything best is now extremely easy at City Beach.