I was since my childhood that person who used to find a lot of faults in everyone’s cooking. My mother tried her best to tackle with this habit of mine but it got stronger as I kept on growing. I don’t remember I ever criticized my mum’s cooking as her food was one of the best I ever tasted. But this criticism stretched even when I visited the local or even international restaurants. But after my mum’s cooking the only place I trusted most now is Menulog. The platform brings forth 9000+ restaurants offering cuisine from across the world with decent Menulog coupon codes. You can get your hands on the substantial Menulog voucher ozbargain and get markdowns of choice.


After completing my studies I got this job in another city and there was no option to live alone for the sake of making my future a brighter one. Though I was member of a very big family where I had 6 siblings, my parents and grandma… The food preparation at our place was very grand almost every day all of us had good appetite.

When I moved to Melbourne from Queensland it got real hard for me to survive as I was not able to find the place where I can get good food. The office work was quite hectic and after work I didn’t have that strength to go out for fancy dinner. And above all I was here to work and save a lot for my better future not to spend all of it on food or shopping.

Sarah, a colleague at my workplace told me about Menulog as one of the platform which brings food according to the cravings people hold. I was quite excited to explore the site as this would be my first online ordering and shopping experience…

I went home after work and started looking out for the best place I can eat from.  Today at office people talked a lot about Arabic food as they planned to dine out. So now I wanted to try the same cuisine as when tomorrow people will put forward their reviews about food, I don’t want to lack behind.

I selected one of the Lebanese cuisine which gave me access to my favorite charcoaled chicken which they named as Shish Taouk. It was served with rice and grilled vegetables. I even ordered the falafels which had its side line make my mouth water. When selection was complete I confirmed my order at this time I was rewarded with Menulog discount codes which made me super excited because after availing them the amount charged was quite reasonable.

The next 30-40 minutes were quite impatient for me as I was waiting for my food which could have made or ruined my day. The anxiousness got resolved when exactly after 30 minutes my order was delivered on my door. I already set the table as I was too hungry and wanted to dig in my food.

When I opened the boxes I was quite surprise to see the generous serving in the platter and the food looked scrumptious. I took one bite and the buttery plain rice made me be at a wondrous place where things tasted heaven. The chicken was thoroughly cooked with creamy texture and falafels with hummus and baba ganoush as sideline made my day.

Though there food good quantity of food but I ate all at one go and the taste kept me admiring the heavenly cuisine which was presented to me. The critic in me hid herself somewhere deep as she had nothing to say negative about. I instantly after finishing my supper called my mother and told her all about my food and how extraordinary it was. She was amazed to hear me talking all good about food which others cooked. I even recommended her to order food using Menulog and even instructed her to use the hefty discounts they were offering on the food ordered.

The next morning when I reached office I found my colleagues talking about the food they had and when I shared my experience with such admiration everyone was sure that the place must have been the best. Many even assured that they will try while I thanked Sarah for introducing me to Menulog.